How we see the world is determined by the stories we know and the stories we tell.
Some of us don't get to tell our own stories and some of us don't get to hear the stories of others ... Voices wants to change that, Tell us your story.

VOICES was co-founded in February 2016 by siblings Daisy and Oli Boulton to provide a platform on which to present  the stories of those often marginalised and misrepresented.

We aim to promote a community of diversity by facilitating cross-cultural communication, challenge preconceived perceptions of difference, and provoke debate.

Storytelling is one of humanity’s oldest and most enduring traditions. The sharing of stories, be it around camp fires or over social media, is what connects us to each other.

We believe that the sharing and telling of each other's stories allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of others, and is a reminder that we are united by more than what divides us.