Today I went swimming … in a sort of burkini. Sort of cause I didn't wear the traditional head covering … I wore a swimming cap. Ain't no one got time to deal with tangled, gets-in-your-face hair when it's this long!


My burkini was bought specifically for a holiday. I do have another, more conventional swimsuit, but I don't have it with me … but to be honest, I wore it cause it's been a while since I swam properly … and I wanted to wear something which covered a bit more skin … flattered my figure a bit more than my other one. 


I almost didn't make it out of the changing rooms. It was busy and I had all this … internal anxiety about looking different … you know … being different, facing the stares when wearing something 'controversial'. But I did go out in the end. And I did get some looks, some curious, some significantly less friendly. 


But you know what? When I got in the water and got going, I felt so much more comfortable and confident than the last time I wore my conventional swimsuit. And you know, at the end of the day that's what it should be about. Yes, some of the stares didn't go away. However, to be honest, I was also wearing a rather awful slash awesome pair of goggles that completed the hilarious, bug-alien image, so maybe it was that!


But when it comes down to it, I didn't look that different from the lady in the wetsuit … in fact I would argue that I had a bit of extra style with my floaty dress thing and pretty blue embroidery. 


So I'll be wearing it again tomorrow. Probably the next day too. And maybe I'll continue to wear it, always … even when I get my other swimsuit back!


Cause haters gonna hate ... but while they waste their energy, I'll be over here getting fitter and stronger and feeling smug about not needing to shave my legs under this floaty, pretty thing. The lesser discussed burkini benefit!