‘Voices gives myself and other British Muslims our voices back. Voices is a new platform, for British Muslims to air their stories, feelings, and experiences.
— Asif Khan


Are you a young Muslim? We would love to hear from you!

Get in touch if you have a real-life experience or story you would like to share. It may be positive, negative, funny, poetic, angry, or sad.... Anything goes! 

Your Story

This is for you to write about something that is important to you and you want to share.

We think that too much of the time, people in British society don’t get to hear the personal stories and experiences of young Muslims.

With these stories, we hope to challenge negative perceptions that people might have.

Share your story and we will use the power of acting to tell it to as wide an audience as possible.

Follow the link below to see some example stories, including the text version of 'Flight.'


Our Work with Muslim Hands UK

Our fundraising partner for Young Muslim Voices is The Muslim Hands UK.

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Your story will help contribute to raising funds to support the fantastic work that they do in the UK. Some of the amazing projects they work on include encouraging young children to raise their aspirations and academic achievements; supporting ex-offenders pre and post release; assisting families and individuals facing poverty; and providing help for drug abusers.




    Aim for 600 – 1000 words. This is roughly two sides of A4 on Microsoft Word, with a 12-size font.

    If you have a story that you want to write but are having trouble getting it down in words then please get in touch with us at mystory@voicesoflondon.com.

    We are more than happy to work with you. If you have any other questions, just drop us a line to the same address (above).

    Submission details

    We are taking submissions from the 29th of January 2018 until the 29th of May 2018. 

    Once you have submitted your story we will be in touch, so keep an eye out for an email from us!

    Privacy Policy

    • It is central to Voices that people represent themselves. In order for you to freely represent yourself and tell your story we provide the option of complete anonymity and confidentiality. 
    • If you choose to be anonymous, your identity will be kept entirely confidential.

    Terms and Conditions

    • All submissions have the possibility of featuring in Voices material. 
    • You can choose to be credited or keep your anonymity.

    By submitting your story, you are implying your acceptance of these conditions.


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